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What is it that you require in a web site? Well, if you are reading this, then you are either not 100% sure or don’t know what you need at all, right?


What you need to do is decide - is this a business web design you want or a personal one? At PC Handyman Professionals we can do either for you.


Next, you need to ask yourself, what is it that I wish to do? Eg, just advertise that you exist or sell online? If either one, what is it that you do PRIMARILY, to derive your income with your business and is that the way you want to present yourself to the public? For example, some businesses are leaders in their trade but the premises are less than picturesque while other businesses, in the lead or not in their sector, have premises that are in themselves, a good advertisement and would be an excellent way to present yourself to the public. However, who do you want to attract? You may be a large, medium or small business but your product may be only, for example, plumbing supplies that you don’t necessarily want to go overseas to sell but NEED to sell locally, anywhere in Australia or just in your local area. How you approach your web site with that information will decide whether you are going to get time wasted by those accidentally brought to your site who aren’t going to earn you income or are the right target audience and thus time well spent. Why, for example, have ONLY a ".com" site when it is evident that your product is meant for sale ONLY in Australia? Why limit yourself JUST to Australia if online sales from all over the world can increase your income?


There is a business in the Blue Mountains of NSW that has been in business around 70 years. They sell, amongst other things, Ugh Boots. With the advent of online sales, they have increased their income and survived market problems here in Australia and abroad. They are a small business but the products can be used by anyone so their representation, on the web, needs to be global so people can find them. If all they sold was something that is best sold only local, an international presence need not apply. Similarly, if you provide a service that requires your staff to be present at the client's location to sell that service and you aren’t prepared to go international, then just a push in the AUSTRALIAN market is needed.


From the small to the large, we do it all. Contact us and we can either arrange a time to meet you or even "tele-meet" you on internet or just phone you to discuss what YOUR needs are and make our recommendations. Just fill in the CONTACT details to the left or phone us on 0410-478-279.



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