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What are your networking needs? How many computers do you have? Of those, how many do you want networked?

Is your need home or business? Is the area between all computers, where they are to be situated at your premises, large or small? Do you want wired or wireless networking or, if you dont know for sure, do you need help in deciding on that?


  These are just a FEW of the questions that can be answered by PC Handyman. We will look into all aspects of your home or business and make recommendations. For example, it isnt good enough to accept wireless networking without looking into what type of wall insulation you have or what sort of walls you have (thick cement? A lot of metal?) as wireless networking can be completely killed off by something as simple as insulation if not properly installed.


If a business, when networking is needed, what rights do you want to assign? Eg, do you want your staff to have endless access to internet or do you want to restrict what they can do on Internet?


There are many things to consider in networking but at PC Handyman, it doesn’t have to be difficult. We can prepare a report for you, if required, or as most often happens, inspect your premises and advise you what would suit you better. At PC Handyman, we do NOT consider JUST installing wireless networking with a good wireless access password actually to be enough. There are other things that PC Handyman does to secure your network that makes it a lot harder for a hacker to be able to do anything with your network.


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